Bolder Interactive

Bolder Interactive is an immersive media design studio that has been creating custom interactive experiences, games, applications, and software tools for over a decade. Our immersive experiences have captivated audiences around the world with awe-inspiring visuals and groundbreaking technology.

Though our passion is grounded in gaming and entertainment, our abilities surpass that of a traditional studio. Bolder Interactive also develops and maintains projects within the public sector, creating intelligent and pragmatic solutions for government institutions.

Origin Story

In 2009, the Bolder studio was founded as a passion project to create games. After collaborating with Apple and Disney to develop some of the first iPad games, Bolder’s team cold called and pitched Imagineering executives on creating gamified and interactive experiences.

Somehow, it worked. We’ve been in the themed entertainment industry ever since.

Since then, our studio has grown substantially. In 2017, Bolder Games began developing its first project with the U.S. government, a gamified foreign aid simulation for DARPA. To this day the Bolder Games dev team creates indie games for fun and as a source of inspiration for interactive projects. As of late 2018, the development of our immersive experiences falls under the newly branded Bolder Interactive.