At Bolder Interactive things are…
frankly, bolder.

The overachievers. The problem-solvers. The ones who got their homework done early and did the extra credit every time. Those same traits, coupled with many years of experience working for and with some of the biggest names in gaming and development on the planet, make Bolder Interactive a great fit for clients looking for amazing work delivered on time and on budget.

Bolder Interactive is an experience design and development studio based in Boulder, CO. Founded in 2009, Bolder’s team is comprised of ridiculously talented artists, designers, architects, and software developers from all over the world.  Our simulations and museum projects are riveting. We have dozens of theme park projects all over the world. Bolder has a deep history is in gaming, giving us a unique perspective in all the projects we do because we always keep usability at the forefront of the experience.